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Tower Modification Specialists, Inc. can perform the inspections listed below. However, we don’t just offer inspections we also take steps to ensure the inspections go well. We will contact contractors, sub contractors’ or whomever is performing the work that we are to inspect so that we can set the expectations and review policies and procedures. Once the work starts there is less likely to be an issue with the finished product as they are now informed of exactly what is expected of them.



We can perform Certified Weld Inspections per AWS D1.1. We will contact your welders and go over any pertinent policies and procedures along with D1.1 specifications so they know what will be expected of them. Our Inspections are pre, during and post inspections.

NDE 01


We can perform Non-Destructive Examinations with use of MT (Mag Particle) or UT (Ultrasonic) testing on most any welds.

Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspections

For any modification project you have that involves a foundation inspection we can inspect all aspects of the modified foundation to ensure everything is to specifications before the concrete is poured.

base plate

Modification Inspections

We can perform Modification Inspections on any project you have to ensure that the modification was installed per the installation drawings and per any additional policies and procedures you may have.

Inspections TIA 02


We also perform TIA Inspections for your structures so that you can be assured that if there are any maintenance or structural issues with your towers we will identify them and report them to you.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Anchor Rod Pull Tests

We have custom hollow hydraulic cylinders that can fit in very tight spaces that can test up to 200,000 lbs. We will test any anchor rods that you require and provide you with a detailed pass/fail report.

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