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About Us


Tower Modification Specialists, Inc. (TMS) was founded on November 21, 2013 by President Jack Roberts. Structural Modifications to telecommunication structures are increasing nearly as rapidly as the demand for data on our cell phones. As the demand for structural modification services increases it is becoming more difficult to find the resources to provide a good quality product in this regard. This is why TMS was founded and this is where we can help you with your structural modification needs to ensure your projects will be done correctly and safely.

Ownership has nearly two decades of experience all involving structural modifications to telecommunication structures. We started with construction for structural modifications on broadcast and cellular towers we then transitioned to engineering where we performed over 1,000 structural analysis and climbed over 1,000 towers to obtain the structural data required for those analysis while conducting TIA inspections as well. Structural Modification Designs were also done with the entire project in mind so that the most economical solution was designed for materials, fabrication and installation.

We also performed project management for structural modifications for an S&P 500 company tower owner. The job function was to monitor 100 plus modification projects at once to help ensure structural modifications were installed per drawing specifications, per company policies and procedures and were done so on time to meet customer timelines.

With our knowledge and experience with structural modification installation, engineering design and analysis as well as our mapping and inspection services we can provide you with the high quality product that you are looking for to ensure compliance and safety.